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  • OEM | レザーカラーワークス

    ​OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing ​OEM ご依頼から製品納品までの流れ ​まずはヒアリング ​どんなイメージを お持ちかお聞かせください。 ​ご予算も含めて製品のサイズ、ラベルのデザイン、等々 ​お見積りの送付 ​サンプルの試作 サンプルが可能な商品は送付いたしますので お手に取ってご確認ください。 ​※一斗缶やドラムなど大型の場合はサンプル不可 ​製品化 ​世の中になかった新しいブランドの完成です。 ​ご納品 ​まずはお問い合わせから相談する。

  • 革製品用 染料の販売|レザーカラーワークス

    リペアの依頼 Request for remake of leather products Faded wallet or scratched bag Are you asleep without being thrown away? Such worries, we will solve. Only we can do it because we are a paint manufacturer of leather products. Safe, secure and high quality finish Please contact us for products refused by other companies. Repair case [Givenchy bag: whole color restoration] After Reference price: 28,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before [Celine bag: partial repair] Reference price: 16,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before After [Hermes bag: cleaning / partial repair] Reference price: 15,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before After [Hermes wallet: total repair] Reference price: 17,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before After [Jimmy Choo Purse: Total Restoration] Reference price: 25,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before After [Hermes coin case: total repair] Reference price: 14,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before After [Women's boots: total repair] Reference price: 28,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before After [Louis Vuitton sneakers: total restoration] Reference price: 25,000 yen (shipping and tax not included) Before After 元のサイトに戻る Other remake achievements Basic price Saif Bag Partial repair 8,000 yen ~ + shipping fee Overall repair 14,000 yen ~ + shipping fee Partial repair 12,000 yen ~ + shipping fee Overall repair 25,000 yen ~ + shipping fee Shoes Partial repair 9,000 yen ~ + shipping fee Overall repair 25,000 yen ~ + shipping fee We will make an estimate for other maintenance such as cleaning and wax. Request / consultation Do you have any problems like this? Scratches on your favorite bag! I want to fix it How much will it cost ... I have a wallet I want to fix ... Take it to the store I don't have time ◎ Just attach a photo to your email and we will give you a rough estimate ♪ ◎ products is available by mail in addition to bringing ♪ You can get the approximate amount by email and fix it without going to the store! !! Please feel free to contact us ♪♪ ① Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. If you would like a rough estimate, please attach a photo by email. ② If you agree with the rough estimate, we will send it to you. We will send you a shipping kit (box and invoice). Please put the item and send it back to us. ③ We will see the actual item and call or email the customer. After contacting you, we will start repair work. At this point, the construction can still be canceled. * Please be assured that the work will not start without permission. ④ After the work is completed, we will contact you by the specified method. ② We will return the product. (In the case of transfer, it will be after payment is confirmed.) Contact us Contact us by phone is up to here Business hours Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00 ☎ 0568-90-4074 Easy to contact us at LINE, also quote Please feel free to message me . For the entire image of the leather product you wish to repair, a close-up image of scratches, and other questions Please upload the required image. * Up to 6 images can be attached. Image 1 upload Image 4 upload Image 2 upload Image 5 upload Image 3 upload Image 6 upload Send Thank you for sending, the person in charge will contact you later.

  • SSK保護理論 | レザーカラーワークス

    SSK PROTECT theory SSK protection theory As long as there are sunlight, water, and oxygen on the earth, deterioration and oxidation of substances will occur over time. As a method of protecting substances from them, fats of plants and petroleums, or using them as raw materials Apply so-called "wax" with paint or dye to prevent oxidation of the material. It is common to do "maintenance". The paint not only prevents oxidation, but also has the effect of improving the aesthetics by decorating the material. It's really rational for long-term protection. In addition, wax is used on the coated surface for the purpose of further preventing oxidation and stains. Maintenance is often done. In other words, in the sense of protecting substances Wax is inseparable even if it is cut. However, if the maintenance method that uses the wax is done in the wrong cycle, On the contrary, it promotes dirt, and if left as it is, the material will deteriorate and oxidize. It may promote it. Generally, the average life of wax applied to a material is about 3 to 6 months. It has been with. If left without any maintenance for a longer period, the wax itself will It oxidizes and becomes dirty, and it is only harder to remove the dirt than when nothing is applied. When you put a lot of effort into removing dirt, the material may be scratched instead. It is said. And there are important facts that are not so commonly known about applying wax. That is, "it is easier to get dirty with wax than without wax ." This means that wax is often used to keep the material clean without deteriorating it. It means that you have to repeat painting and peeling. In recent years, "coating" has become a maintenance method to solve such problems. It has attracted attention and is already becoming the mainstream as a maintenance method for painted surfaces. There is. What is coating? A thin film is applied to the material for a certain period of time without damaging the texture of the material. Form a strong film. Also, unlike wax, the coating agent crosslinks (becomes a film) and the surface hardens. It has the property of being hard to get dirty, and it is a mechanism that can easily wipe off the attached dirt. It has become. SSK Protect uses this coating concept not only for hard coated surfaces, but also for soft ones. We have been researching and developing for many years to see if we can do it for painted surfaces and materials. With its representative things There are materials such as leather, vinyl, paper, cloth and rubber. By coating there, scratches will occur It's hard to get in, it's hard to get dirty, and even if it gets dirty, it can be easily wiped off. As a result of trying to mix and use all kinds of materials to see if the maintenance method can be applied I came up with one definition. It is by making the film follow the material, "Durability is outstanding. It was an experimental result that "improves to." × × ○ ○ In other words, it does not mean that "hardening the film = high durability". Technology that establishes antifouling property and scratch prevention power by cross-linking a liquid agent that does not harden and making it follow the material SSK Protect's original technology "Two-component coating protection method (patented 2016-007116)" It is. Once applied, it becomes a technology that can protect soft materials for a long time (≈ about 3 years), leather, vinyl, For paper, cloth, and rubber , it is said to be a very rational and new maintenance method that has never been seen before. Yes.

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