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[5R, leather repair is secretly attracting attention in the times]

5R is 5 actions that can show kindness to the earth by action

・ REUSE (still used / reused)

・ RECYCLE (Use / Reuse again)

It is predicted that the needs of businesses related to the above will increase in the future.

Five Earl

The leather repair business, which has high needs but few competitors, is now our aim.

Earn pocket money by repairing paper bags and bags between home work, etc.

For companies, leather repair efforts are increasing as a new business for existing customers.

Example: As a value-added business such as nail salons, dry cleaners, pawn shops, sheet metal painting, and used car dealers.

One of the reasons for the low competition is that the technology is special and the rights and royalties are high.

The current situation is that it is difficult to take a step because the initial cost of about 500,000 to 2 million yen is required.

Leather Color Works does not require any rights or royalties.

The initial cost to start a business is about 160,000 yen for paint and a set of tools.

* If you have a painting tool (spray gun set), you can start with only the paint fee.

For information on how to obtain repair technology, please visit the members-only page on this website.

Please see [Leather Repair Introductory Video] to acquire the technology.

 * Please see the Leather Color Works YouTube channel to determine if you can repair the leather yourself.


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